Quite a Show From Emo


 We had plenty of guests on the Larry Lujack Show at WLS. One of the more memorable being oddball comedian Emo Phillips.

Emo Phillips was a trip because most comedian guests would come in for a fifteen to twenty minute visit. The routine was usually a couple of segments of jokes, plug their show or project that needs publicity, thank-you and goodbye. Emo came in around four in the afternoon and stayed until the end of the show at seven! The guy had nowhere else to go before his concerts that night at the Park West club so Larry kept him on. He was hilarious and not just with his routine and mapped out jokes but the ad-libs. At one point in the conversation, Larry mentioned how romance author Barbara Cartland liked to have daily cold water enemas. Emo in his shaky voice quickly replied “I like cold water enemas too but straddling over drinking fountains makes it tough to finish.”

So the show ended and Emo, who arrived to the station alone, did his promo for us and left. Larry & I wrapped up our post show meeting a few minutes later. It was a Friday and we wanted to get out for the weekend. I was going to Emo’s early show at the Park West with my friend Dave Ross and headed downstairs to get picked up. So who did I find in the building lobby looking lost? Emo Phillips. He said he didn’t know what bus to take to get to his concert venue. Apparently the guy never noticed those yellow cars driving all over town that can give you a pre-Uber era ride, cabs for God’s sake! So I told Emo we were going to his show and we’d give him a lift. The quirky comic looked relieved that his transportation needs were being covered.

(The Park West)

Dave pulled up in his Chevy Suburban and was happy to be the car service for the comedian we were about to see. Emo Phillips was as normal and congenial as any non-famous person. He told us about a movie screenplay he was writing so Dave asked, “And what will that entail?” Emo answered “Probably major losses for the studio.”

After a ten minute ride north, we pulled up to the Park West as fans were lined up to get in to see the star we dropped off. Emo thanked us and hustled into the club. We parked, then checked in to the Will Call window for our tickets and enjoyed the night of comedy. I assumed someone from Emo’s management team would drive him home at the end of the night.

Emo’s movie project ended up being the first version of “Meet the Parents.” This was a low budget production that came out around 1992. Come the late 90’s, Emo Phillips’ screenplay was re-done with Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller starring in it. This second version of “Meet the Parents” became a huge comedy hit that would spawn two sequels. I’m sure Emo got money and credit for the first one but I think that’s where his connection to that franchise ended. I booked Emo Phillips on other shows I worked for but my first encounter with him was the most interesting.

(The first “Meet the Parents” movie was born from Emo Phillips)