On the Air With Lar


We pick up on some of the days of me working as Larry Lujack’s producer at WLS. I was learning plenty every day. Our daily on air conversations and banter were part of my big city radio education.

 Knowing how to interact with Larry was a skill I kept honing. He was not an easy laugh so I had to be clever as possible with my comments. One time during the Cheap Trashy Show-biz Report Larry was talking about a TV movie that was being made about Frank Sinatra based on Kitty Kelley’s explosive tell-all book “His Way.” This is a book we had discussed on the air in the past. Now I remembered Larry’s favorite anecdote from the book. So he says “I hope they include that scene where..” and I start snickering, and he goes on “And Mick read my mind. I want to see the time where Frank Sinatra eats scrambled eggs off a hooker’s bare chest. (He laughs) I’m just picturing Frank with the hooker, scarfing down breakfast.”

Then I said “Yeah, I can see the credits at the end of the movie, ‘Hooker with eggs on chest played by…” Larry laughed hard and said “Played by Charlene Tilton who’s desperate for work!”


 (Kitty Kelley’s tell all book on Frank Sinatra)

 The 1986 Holiday season featured the annual Christmas tree lighting in downtown Chicago. Larry and Jeff Hendrix were on site, broadcasting live from the WLS mobile studio which was a large RV camper while I was in the air studio.

So they have the countdown, someone throws a switch and the tree’s lights go up. Larry says the tree looks great and then we hear a live orchestra starting to play the theme from “2001 A Space Odyssey.” (Most folks at that time knew that was the song Elvis Presley used as his entrance music during live concerts as he took the stage) As it becomes obvious what song is being played, Larry yells out, “When did THAT become a Christmas tune?” Waiting just a second or two, I opened my microphone and asked “Where’s Elvis?” Well that busted up Larry, Jeff and the rest of the remote crew. Jeff blurted out “He’s at the top of the tree!” Then Larry followed with typical sarcasm, “Yeah, they got a life sized statue of the king at the top of the tree.”


 (Larry Lujack on the air doing his thing)

One more bit of banter to share. At the end of a show, Larry and Jeff were wrapping things up all set to say good night and thanks for listening, while I’m on the phone.

Larry: “John Landecker is next, giving away… aerobic fitness packs.”

Me: “Those are nice.”

Larry: “What do they consist of?”

Me: (quick reply) “I have no idea.”

Larrry starts to chuckle and then I take it further.

Me: “I just thought I’d throw in a little false enthusiasm to end of the show.”

Well Larry is loving this honesty and says between laughs, “That’s what’s needed here. In fact, that’s a prerequisite for the job! Phony enthusiasm! (He continues to laugh) and sometimes it’s tough, but Mick being the pro that he is managed to come up with some at the end of the show.”

I have tapes of some of these on air chats but I don’t even have to listen back to them.  These laughs are ingrained in my head forever.